Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Sunday Services

9:00 AM


Follows the liturgical tradition including Bible readings choral music with choir and Holy Communion.

10:15 AM


11:00 AM


Bible readings, acoustic music, and Holy

Communion in a service of praise, worship

and reflection for all ages.  Come as you are!

Note: Please feel free to use our attended

nursery, if you desire, but children are

welcome to all services.



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Rev. Ida Iverson

(C) 904-210-9071

Office Days: M,W,Th.

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Church Council President:

Ed Marotz

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Music Director:

Diane Demeranville

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Church Secretary:

Terry Smith

Office: 904-261-6306

Office hours: M-Th 9-4

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Thank you of our family at Prince of Peace Lu for logging onto our website. We invite you to come and be parttheran Church where Jesus is praised and the Gospel proclaimed.

Last updated 12/26/2016

Dear co-labors and friends:

Almost in every City across America the urgency is apparent for improving cultural and race relations and the opportunities for a robust Christian witness of unity within our community await us.

Mistrust between Communities (Minorities), Law-Enforcement and in the Criminal Justice System  has been too common in many recent news headlines and across social media. Our goal is to get ahead of things so that nothing like Minnesota, Baton Rouge or Dallas happens in our community.

“Bridging The Gap” 2017, is a Christ centered Clarion Call for clergy, pastors, church laity and concerned citizen’s (the community) locking arms (partnering) in the name of Jesus Christ embracing a common cause of improving cultural and racial divisions with the sole purpose of building and strengthen relationships within our beloved community.

“Bridging the Gap” is not a rally, town hall meeting or political or political agenda. Bridging the gap is (you are them and they are you), neighbors concern for one another. The Church, Community and Law-Enforcement making a difference to improving the quantity of life; for the fare and equitable treatment of all its citizens. Failure to be proactive and focused on prevention will leave our membership, people and community of limited means despondent about improving their circumstances. That is not the message of “hope” that Jesus Christ has mandated the Church.

“Bridging the Gap” is a Community Church service for concerned residents, law-enforcement, and civic leaders coming together as a viable entity/agents of unity in the community. Please save the date for “Bridging The Gap” 2017, scheduled  on January 9, 2017, 6:30 pm at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

God is indeed good and faithful and true to our work, which is evident within you and sound speech. There, onto “those who oppose (us) may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us”. (Paraphrased from Titus 2:7)

In Christ,

The Reverend Anthony C. Daniel, Pastor

Historic Macedonia African Methodist Episcopal Church

Touch the heart, save the soul