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POPshots 2014


                        Wedding Vows Renewal

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                     Medical Mission to Honduras

The Medical Mission trip to Honduras is always a time of spiritual renewal for me.  It is true, the water is not drinkable and you must use hand sanitizer constantly but a week of service with a spiritually strong team is 'priceless'.

The Team:

33 team members (9 teen and young adult)

6 states represented, IL, FL, SC, WI, MS, MO

8 churches represented

The Mission:

2905 people ministered to in 4 days of brigade

1277 people received medical care

1023 people received optical care and glasses if needed

270 people received dental care

335 children heard the salvation story and had there hair washed with lice treatment

4 families received the blessing of a concrete floor.

all people receiving care also were spoken to about their faith and our Savior.


The Honduran people are so gracious and thankful for our service.  They are extremely poor and have no resources.  Their medical concerns have been neglected for years. The children suffer from malnutrition and need vitamins.  The diet is primarily tortilla, white rice and beans.

I want to thank the Sunshine ladies for their donation.  I was able to purchase vitamins which I gave to all children.  After washing hair, our team members combed and braided hair using all the hair care and pretties that our church donated.  The children felt very special, thank you.

We always reserve the 8th week of the year, anyone want to go next year?

Nancy Bullen


                              Pastor’s Birthday


                                Chili Cook-off  

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                                 Shrimp Fest


Courtesy of Jane Malcolm

Courtesy of Rich Rothrock,

Diane Dameranville, Richard Tiensch

Courtesy of Nancy Bullen

Courtesy of Donna Lind, Bill Hansberry, &?

Courtesy of  Cindy Hamrick,

Sigrid Ivanovic

Courtesy of Jane Malcolm


                     Pre 4th Sing-along & Picnic

                     Vacation Bible School

Courtesy of Jane Malcolm

Courtesy of Rich Rothrock

Courtesy of Jane Malcolm


 50th. Anniversary Sunday Service


  50th. Anniversary Sunday Service


Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army

Courtesy of Rich Rothrock

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